Top 5 Recommended Cloud Service Providers by Industry Experts in the USA!

Top 5 Recommended Cloud Service Providers by Industry Experts in the USA!

Choosing the right cloud services provider is crucial for businesses of all sizes. With so many providers to choose from, it can be challenging to know which one is the best fit for your company.

However, industry experts in the USA have made their top recommendations for cloud service providers based on years of experience and countless hours of research. The following are their top picks, listed in no particular order! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What are cloud services, and why are they important for businesses today?

In the past, businesses that needed to store data or run applications had to purchase and maintain their own physical servers. However, cloud services have changed all that. Cloud services are simply applications or storage services accessed over the internet. This means that businesses can avoid the expense of buying and maintaining their own servers, and they can scale up or down as needed without incurring any additional costs.

What’s more, cloud services are typically much more reliable than on-premises servers, thanks to the fact that professional teams of engineers maintain them. As a result, cloud services have become essential for businesses of all sizes that need to store data and run applications.

Top recommended cloud services providers in the USA.

Cloud Service Providers Free Trial Find out more!
Amazon Web Services (AWS) 12-month/Free Tier More info
Microsoft Azure 30 days More info
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 90 days More info
Kamatera 30 day More info
VMWare 60 Days More info


1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is one of the top cloud service providers in the United States. AWS has been around since 2006 and is used by over a million customers worldwide. Thus, it has become one of the most popular cloud providers in the world.

Amazon Web Services has earned its reputation by providing reliable and scalable solutions at affordable costs. The company offers not only an extensive range of products but also strives to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations.

The best part about using AWS is that it’s super easy to get started with their free tier. You can get started with a basic instance for free, allowing you to test their services before making any financial commitments.

2. Microsoft Azure

If you’re looking for a cloud service provider that’s been around the block, look no further than Microsoft Azure. It utilizes a global array of Microsoft-managed data centers for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services.

You can use Microsoft Azure to:

  • Use virtual machines and applications that run on the internet or your own private network.
  • Store data in the cloud.
  • Store your applications and data using a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

In case you haven’t heard, Google is a pretty big deal. The company’s Cloud Platform is the world’s third largest cloud service provider, offering over75 products and services to help companies manage their data and infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform is built on Google’s experience running some of the world’s largest and most reliable computing systems. It offers various services, including computing, storage, networking, and data management.

GCP offers everything from enterprise-level security to analytics, machine learning, and business productivity tools. If you’re looking for a cloud provider that can provide your company with everything from storage to infrastructure management, GCP is a great choice.

4. Kamatera

Kamatera is a company that specializes in cloud hosting and infrastructure, so it’s no surprise they’re one of the top providers on our list. Their servers are available in every major country worldwide, with locations in Europe and Asia.

They offer a wide variety of services, including Cloud Servers, Block Storage, Private Networks, Load Balancers, and Managed Cloud Services. In addition to its US headquarters, it has data centers around the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, and Israel.

Kamatera offers a 30-day free trial to new customers, which allows them to try out all of its services before committing to anything long-term.

5. VMWare

VMWare is a software company that offers cloud services to businesses. They provide virtualization and cloud computing solutions for businesses, allowing them to run multiple applications on one physical server.

VMWare’s primary product is VSphere, which allows companies to run multiple applications on the same physical server. The software also includes backup and disaster recovery functionality and the ability to handle large amounts of data and performance management tools.

The company was founded in 1998 by Diane Greene, Mendel Rosenblum, Scott Devine, and Edouard Bugnion. It has offices worldwide, including Singapore, India, and Japan. The company has around 10,000 employees worldwide, and its headquarters are located in Palo Alto, CA.

How do you choose the right cloud services provider?

Choosing the right cloud services provider can be a daunting task. There are many options available, and it can be hard to know what to look for. To help you choose the right provider, here are some tips:

  1. Look at the company’s history. Consider how long the company has been in business and how reputable they are. It’s worth considering a company that has been around for a while since they likely have experience with different types of clouds and providers.
  1. Do your research. Read reviews of different providers, and compare prices and features. It’s essential to find a provider that fits your needs specifically; don’t just go with the first one you see.
  1. Try out their services. Once you’ve found a provider you’re interested in, sign up for a trial account to test out their services firsthand.


In conclusion, the five cloud services providers profiled in this article are the most recommended by industry experts in the USA. Their robust features, user-friendly interfaces, and customer support make them ideal choices for businesses of all sizes. These providers are the best options if you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to manage your IT resources, these providers are the best options out there.

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