4 Last minute tips to prepare Class 12 Chemistry for boards

The term 1 board exams for CBSE and ICSE boards (Class 12th) are about to come. And we know that many students have completed their preparation for exams. However, a few geeks might have issues in studying Chemistry and delay till the last time. So, now they have to utilize the current duration and start preparation today itself!

We understand that concepts like Molar conductance and molar mass are difficult to understand in less time. But, below, we have highlighted certain strategies that help aspirants fetch good scores. So, read on and understand what they are.

How to Prepare Chemistry in Last Minutes

1.     Prepare without distractions

Although the rest of the duration might take up phone and entertainment time while studying, do not distract yourself in the current scenario. Remember that the Chemistry paper for class 12 (Term 1) is scheduled for 14 December. So, it is best to focus on studies and keep yourself away from social media and other entertainment mediums.

Also, if you have completed other modules like Physics, Biology, Maths or any other subjects, give an entire focus on Chemistry now. If you are unable to do it, at least give more study time to Chemistry so at least you can score minimum qualifying marks in the exam. Refer to online materials also to grasp more knowledge.

2.     Make handmade notes

It is good to refer to PDFs and online notes. But give your efforts to learn and acquire knowledge. Hence, to do so, make handmade notes and revise them daily. At least spare 2 to 3 hours extra to take notes on vital concepts like Equivalent Conductance, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, chain reactions, etc.

The more you write, the more you learn. Remember this basic fundamental to score and excel in the Chemistry paper. Although the note making habit will not be useful in Term 1 exams, it will definitely help in the final board examination. The best reference study material to make notes on is the NCERT book. Remember that in the CBSE board exam, most of the questions are based on NCERT books only. Hence, do not get entangled with other books or study materials. It can confuse you!

3.     Refer to sample and previous year papers

Whether you belong to CBSE or ICSE board, sample papers and previous year question papers are available on the official website. Practice them regularly and solve as many questions as possible. Once done with them, practice questions from test series or mock questions are available online. Even several authorized publication houses publish chemistry sample papers. They are either available in PDFs or print format.

Also, give priority to high weightage topics. As a result, the chance of getting good scores increases. Once completed, important topics which have more weightage, switch to another topic. In this manner, you can complete all topics quickly and easily. Remember to cover as many topics as possible. Who knows what kind of question will come during the examination.

4.     Have the knowledge of marking scheme

Although you might have done better preparation in another’s comparison. But that much is only not essential. Even knowing the marking scheme is important. Which topic or chapter has more marks should be prepared first. Give them more priority, or else getting a merit in the examination will only be a dream.

Also, understand what quality of answers is expected in the board examination. Do not write irrelevant answers during examinations. Stick to the point and give an accurate answer. Here the knowledge is tested, not the writing capacity. What values are asked in the question? Provide that only or else there would be no scores!

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